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26, Vähk, Россия, Москва
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When everything goes well it is easy to be nice. But really nice things come when everything goes wrong. When we are in good times easy to be happy, but true happiness comes when times are bad and we have reason to be happy. It is easy to smile when we have no problems but smile even it is not easy to carry on, than we smile from true happiness. I know that this year is very difficult but I believe in nice future. Let this very very little gift creates at least short simile on your face and nice touch to your heart. С праздником, Главная ты моя!!!)) Kisses :) Congratulations with great success. Last week wasn´t for weak, but you are so strong, wonderfull and unique, that you made it really perfectly. Even there will be every week new queen of queens, you stay for me the best, the only one queen in whole my life. I wish that this ring is gift from your king, that live with you forever and never leave. Поздравляю с победой, Сладчайшая! Ты шла к этому полтора года и вот ты заслуженно Королева из королев! Aha and what about this?
Life is just one,
You are one too, 
Is all so done?
I think that no. 
I want change life, 
Give you a chance, 
Old cut with knife, 
With you to dance. 
My life is you, 
Now and next too, 
Be with me still, 
Our love will live. Rose Kiss Kiss you let you feel better It does not matter if it is nice coat, whole house or just little rose. Everytime it means the same. All I can do for you at the moment I do. Very little things or big ones. My heart stays stable, with you forever till it will beat. When it stops my soul will continue to take care about you till this world doesn't finish to exist. Fresh drink, to be fresh morning, after long night, full of fun.
Life is so short for so huge love I feel to you. I want to live thousands of years to make you happy again and again and again. But may be it should be so short, cause I want to give you all and get only what you will want to give. It is so short, me not to be selfish and thinking about myself... But help you support and make your life better and happier. But... Is life really so short? Depends. With you it can be as pvt with you. Very nice and beautiful and really hard to leave. My love to you is over any pvt, over this life. My love to you is endless and lasting forever. My love to you will die only with space and time. Cause then will be nothing. But memories of my love to you will be forever written in the book of life. Just little rose, 
to cure your nose, 
let it smells well,
my little help. One life,
One chance, 
One gift, 
One sense, 
One man, 
On world, 
One love, 
No word.
My life 
is yours, 
For now 
And ever. I want to make you happy every day... Better? Отметим твою свободу)
The first friend,
The best friend, 
The best tipper, 
The first gift... 
The last here, 
The smallest, 
The nicest, 
The only yours.... 
Yes. Yes. 
He is. 
Believe in fairytale, 
Living in the real, 
But dreaming about near. 
Sometimes nightmare. 
I am.
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smart and intelligent men
Im nice and friendly girl loving sex
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greedy and rude guys
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